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Franchise Network Operators


Non compliance can lead businesses to lose reputation, customers and money. ID provides a range of services to protect corporate, broadcasting and sporting bodies from commercial misuse of licences, breach of franchising agreements and other compliance issues.

ID is only too aware of the importance of regulating compliance and adherence to procedures as we are accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

To protect and enhance the value in your business you need to safeguard your legitimate customers from any group fraudulently abusing your services.

ID helps clients strengthen their reputation, protect the financial integrity of their brand and strengthen their reputation. By using a nationwide network of Investigators, ID carries out thorough system testing and mystery shopping to ensure compliance to all internal and external ethical and legal requirements. The components of these investigations are built into evidential files which, in partnership with specialised Intellectual Property Solicitors, are processed through UK courts successfully.